We believe that worship isn't about what you wear or sitting in pews and just listening to someone telling you what you ought to believe.  We believe that worship should be interactive and meaningful. We believe that are all equal in the sight of God, so we worship in the round where we can see each other and everyone is at on the same level.  
Worship begins around the table with a simple liturgy invoking God's presence through breathing, light, water, the table and the word.  

We offer prayers for our needs and the needs of society and the world, concluding with the prayer Jesus taught his disciples.  After prayers, we sing the Psalm of the Month, led by our Cantor.

Pastor Nathan then offers a short sermon on the scripture passage of the day, ending with a question.  After a brief time of reflection, we finish the sermon together with an open discussion.

We then move to communion, where standing in a circle, and after the elements have been blessed, we serve each other.  After communion, we take time to share our gifts with God in gratitude for God's gifts to us.  First time attendees are asked not to give, but to take the money they would have donated and use it to do something good in world and return to tell us about it.

Worship ends with prayer and sharing God's peace with one another, followed by a time of fellowship, often at one of the local bars.